Let me introduce myself.

Who am I? I’m not so sure. I never expected any of this to happen—the website you are surfing, the pictures, the book C is for Caregiver—but neither did it cross my mind that I would be diagnosed with a progressive and as yet incurable brain cell killing disease (“It is what it is” my dad would have said).

Of course, I didn’t see it coming, not even with my glasses on… I majored in literature and led a predictable corporate life when Bam!, on February 10, 2014, at 1:15 p.m., my cute suits and my comfy office became history.

Six words from a doctor flipped my life over: “You have Parkinson’s Disease. So sorry.” 

Yes, I shook and shuffled, but soon it became apparent that the fundamental changes were occurring in my brain. Once an unstoppable reader, today I’m hooked on graphics. My hands are usually stained with ink.

Now I live with urgency. I want to dedicate my remaining time to illustrating and writing for the common good, moved by a deep compassion of the human condition we all share.

Visit my blog. Short posts for the attention span challenged!

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